Saturday, November 12, 2016

King Mountain Open Space Preseve - Trailhead

From the park website...
This 108 acre preserve on the slopes above the town of Larkspur is composed of three separate pieces of land. The northernmost parcel (which is roughly bisected by the Citron Fire Road) is the scene of an ongoing battle between the dedicated volunteer corps known as the Green Gorillas, and a host of tenacious invasive, non-native plants. It is not uncommon to visit this area and find one or more of these hard-working folks sawing down an Acacia or Eucalyptus tree, or pulling broom plants.
If you're going...

Not much of a parking lot here. It's just a pullout off the street.

Park entrance is at the corner of Vine Street

Hike Date: 12 Nov 2016

Trail: Trailhead – Citron Fire Rd - King Mountain Loop Trail - Lady Bug Trail - Dawn Falls Trail - Dawn Falls Trail - Lady Bug Trail - King Mountain Loop Trail - Citron Fire Rd - Trailhead

Distance: 6+ Milees

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