Saturday, November 5, 2016

Cascade Canyon Open Space Preserve

From the park website...
This lush preserve, tucked into the hills above Fairfax, is one of the true gems of the Open Space District. Cascade Canyon incorporates 504 acres of some of the most pristine habitat in the Corte Madera Creek watershed. Cascade Falls, at the head of the main canyon, is a popular destination, particularly in winter and spring when flows are at their peak. Even on a relatively short walk, one can traverse a wide variety of habitats and see an assortment of unusual native plants. The canyons and lower slopes are sheltered by mixed broadleaf and evergreen forests above lush riparian corridors. Nature lovers can find attractions here at any time of the year; birds and wildflowers in spring, mushrooms and ferns in winter and cool shaded retreats during even the hottest summer days. The permanent water in the upper reaches of San Anselmo, Carey Camp, and Cascade creeks act as a wildlife magnet and provides some of the best Steelhead spawning habitat in the county.

If you're going...

Parking here is very limited....

Hike Date: 5 Nov 2016

Trail: Trailhead – Canyon Trail Carey Camp Trail - Fords Trail - High Water Trail - Cut Trail - Middle Fire Road - Pam's Blue Ridge Trail - Toyon Fire Road - Cul-de-sac Trail - Toyon Fire Road - Creek Side Fire Road - Burnt Tree Trail - Blue Ridge Fire Road - Middle Fire Road - Cascade Falls trail - High Water Trail - Canyon Trail - Trailhead

Distance: 6+ Milees

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