Friday, July 3, 2015

Pinnacles National Park

At America's newest National Park, the possibilities for discovery are limitless! Climbing and hiking among the breathtaking spires and rock formations that gave Pinnacles its name is only the beginning of what the park has to offer. Come seek out the California Condor in the high peaks, explore the rare chaparral vegetation and carpets of wildflowers, or just picnic at the visitor center.

The Pinnacles story begins 23 million years ago when an ancient volcanic field began forming the rocks that characterize the park today. A few million year of powerful explosions, lava flows, and landslides created the 30 mile wide volcanic field that forms that foundation of our pinnacles today. This field of fire was then split down the center by the San Andreas Fault and the west side traveled 195 miles north at a rate of 3-6 centimeters each year, all while being worn away by water, weathering, and chemical erosion! The result of these millions of years of fire, ice, and upset are the serene rock formations visited by 250 thousand visitors each year. Strange, the way a violent and dynamic past has resulted in such a peaceful landscape for today's hikers and climbers! Read More...

Park East Entrance...

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