Saturday, July 11, 2015

Butano State Park - Trailhead

From the park website...

Butano State Park was created in 1957 to protect California's coast redwoods. It has since then succeeded and visitors to the park will discover a quiet canyon filled with towering redwood trees, babbling creeks, and more. Miles of trails wind through the approximately 4,628 acres of canyons and uplands. Scattered throughout are patches of oak woodland, wet riparian and sunny chaparral ecosystems. Woodpeckers, newts, and flowering Calypso orchids can be discovered for those that enjoy hiking.


Trail: Trailhead - Ano Nuevo Trail - Olmo Fire Road - Doe Ridge Trail - Goat Hill Trail - Little Butano Creek Trail - Mill Ox Trail - Jackson Flats Trail - Trailhead

Distance: ~8.1 miles

Big thanks to California Parks & Recreation

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