Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wilder Ranch State Park - Trailhead

From the park website...
Wilder Ranch State Park includes coastal habitat and recreational area with some in agriculture, some cattle grazing and a culture preserve. Approximately 110 acres were identified to be restored to historic habitat conditions and native vegetation. The area had great potential as a model for the restoration of coastal wetlands. It included Wilder Beach, saltmarsh, grassland, and riparian habitats, as well as three agricultural fields. From 1992 to 1994, the Benthic Lab group researched historical land use, and past and present physical and biological conditions of the Wilder Ranch restoration area. They proposed and designed restoration alternatives. The information was presented as a plan which the California Department of Parks and Recreation used to develop and implement the restoration of the park.


Trails starts on the other side of this tunnel...

Trail: Trailhead - Parking to Corral (0.40/0.40) - Wilder Ridge Loop (0.80/1.20) - Wilder Ridge Loop To OverLook (0.80/2.00) - Twin Oaks Trail + Enchanted Loop (1.00/3.00) - Eucalyptus Loop (0.10/3.10) - Wilder Ridge Loop (0.50/3.60) - Zane Gray Cutoff (0.90/4.50) - Wilder Ridge Loop (1.20/5.70) - Wilder Ridge Loop (0.80/6.50) - To Parking Lot (0.40/6.90) - Trailhead

Distance: ~7 miles

Big thanks to California Parks & Recreation

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