Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pescadero Creek County Park - Trailhead

From the park website...

This vast parkland of 8,020 acres is comprised of San McDonald, Memorial, and Heritage Grove parks. The park contains a significant amount of forest and watershed related resources. Pescadero Creek, which flows all year round, is a major Steelhead spawning stream. The stream is an important steelhead trout habitat and may be restored for coho salmon.
Trailhead is the Sam McDonald County Park.

There's a restroom and a big parking lot on the traihead. There's a $6.00 day fee.

Trail: Trailhead - Towne Fire Road - Brook Trail Loop - Towne Fire Road - Trailhead

Distance: ~7.4 miles

Big thanks to San Mateo Parks Deparment

Support our parks!

~~ CK

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